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Captive Bolt Slaughter Device



"A captive bolt device is used for safe and humane destruction of
animals - from small pigs and calves to boars and bulls. A captive
retracting ?bolt? is fired into the head, instead of a bullet. Different
strength cartridges are used for different sized animals (see chart
below). It is imperative that the correct charge is used for the animal
being destroyed. The shot is discharged by pressure on the trigger
mechanism. The correct point for entry of the bolt is between and
slightly above the eyes.
*Service kit contains mainspring and rubber buffer.
Activators: small pigs, calves - green
store pigs, light cows - yellow
large pigs, heavy cows - blue
large boars, bulls - red
Important Notice: Serious penalties apply for dealing with animals
inhumanely. If in doubt about use of this device, discuss with your
Death should be finally ascertained by checking there is no heartbeat,
no breathing and no blink reflex. Instructions for use are included with
the device. Firearms license is not required, except in W.A."

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