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Tri-Solfen 1L




Tri-Solfen is a local anaesthetic and antiseptic gel spray for use on lambs to provide pain relief following mulesing and tail docking and on lambs and calves to provide pain relief during and following castration.

The product contains two proven topical local anaesthetics; fast-acting Lignocaine for immediate pain relief and long-acting Bupivacaine for prolonged post-operative pain relief. Adrenaline is included for its ability to reduce the shock and stress of blood loss, whilst prolonging the anaesthetic action. Tri-Solfen also contains Cetrimide, an antiseptic widely used to cleanse skin and wounds and provides protection from bacterial contamination. The product's gel base adheres well to the wound and acts as a barrier to environmental
stimuli to improve wound healing.

Tri-Solfen is approved for use in calves. Calves are broadly defined as up to 12 months of age.

The approved recommended dose of Tri-Solfen in calves over 100kg is 9ml.

In the setting that an ESI has not been defined, as in the case of Tri- Solfen, the Withhold Period becomes the default ESI. The Withhold Period (or ESI) for Tri-Solfen is 90 days

Active Constituents: Lignocaine (as hydrochloride) 40.6g/L , Bupivacaine (as hydrochloride) 4.2g/L , Adrenaline (as tartrate) 24.8mg/L , Cetrimide 5g/L

Product Benefits

  • First product of its kind to address the legimate animal welfare concerns being expressed regarding mulesing and castration
  • Provides rapid and prolonged relief of pain for at least 24 hours following mulesing, taildocking and castration.
  • Visibly reduces pain-related behaviours
  • Reduces wound haemorrhage - results in less shock and stress from blood loss
  • Reduces risk of infection, which if untreated, can result in prolonged pain, stress and potential mortality
  • Gel spray seals the wound to provide a 'barrier' effect to moisterise and improve wound healing
  • Easy application

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