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Klarus CL1 Bluetooth Speaker/Lantern/Power Bank



  • Not Just Your Ordinary Lantern

    Introducing the revolutionary, Klarus CL1 Lantern and Speaker a rechargeable camping lantern, bluetooth speaker, and power bank all packed into one device. The bluetooth speaker produces HIFI 360-degree stereo, which makes professional sound quality that is unmatched by other bluetooth speakers and will create the perfect atmosphere around your campsite. Additionally, the CL1 can deliver up to 50 hours of non-stop musical entertainment without charging. You and your friends can enjoy music while maintaining a stable bluetooth connection that is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other bluetooth electronics from up to 10 meters away. Clear sound and entertainment just through the touch of a button, no matter how far away you are. The Klarus CL1 Lantern and Speaker also doubles as a power bank. With 6600mAh, this large capacity power bank will charge smartphones and tablets in a snap - even while camping without electricity. The power bank as an Intelligent Battery Capacitor Indicator located on the side of the lantern that displays information in real time. You will always know how much power you are giving and how much you are using on the Klarus CL1.

    A Powerful Lantern

    But, even with these cool additions, Klarus still brings a quality lantern to the table. With the ability to produce up to 390 lumens, this lantern will project light up to 18 meters away. And, with a max runtime of 157 hours, you will have plenty of time to shine this lantern throughout the night. The CL1 will also cut down on how much you take while camping. As a three-in-one device that is compact and lightweight, you won't have to bring tons of equipment with you. Plus, with the included collapsible hook and magnetic base, you will be able to perch this lantern anywhere to bring light or music to any campsite.

    • 4500K high CRI LED with max output of 390 lumens. Features PC shade for diffused soft lighting.
    • Palm sized.
    • Bluetooth connectivity with bass sounds. Stable connection within 10 meters for wireless enjoyment.
    • 6600mAh lithium-ion battery included. Max run time of up to 157 hours, max Bluetooth audio output time of up to 50 hours.
    • 1A high current recharge for faster charging time.
    • Functions as a power bank to help top off cellphones and other devices (up to 1A charging rate).
    • Intelligent Battery Capacity indicator shows remaining runtime, giving user complete control.
    • Internal magnet can attach to any metallic surface.
    • Collapsible hook for easy hanging placement.
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