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Post Hole Digger 51.7cc 150mm Kincrome



Series Description
Whether you are laying a new fence or need to repair an existing one, the 'IMPROVED' Kincrome Post Hole Digger (Part No. K16031) is ideal for digging holes over Spring and Summer.

The recoil start 2 Stroke, 51.7 CC, 1.34KW, (1.8HP) provides enough Power to get the job done. The direct drive power head delivers high torque performance while drilling holes.

The Post Hole Digger includes 'butterfly handles' to provide a safer grip of the auger while in use and a shock absorbing safety spring for additional user safety when drilling.

The Post Hole Digger includes one 150mm tungsten tipped Auger bit with a high carbon steel cutting face & carbon twin vane to suit most applications.

Augers also available separately.
• 51.7 CC, 1.34KW, (1.8HP) 2 Stroke Motor Provides Enough Power To Get The Job Done
• Direct Drive Power Head Delivers High Torque Performance When Drilling Holes
• Butterfly Handles For A Safer Grip Of The Auger During Use
• Includes 1 x 150mm Tungsten Tipped, 65Mn High Carbon Steel Cutting Face & Carbon Twin Vane Auger Bit To Suit Most Applications
• Includes Shock Absorbing Safety Spring For Additional User Safety When Drilling
• Recoil Starter
• Motor: 51.7CC, 1.8HP, 1.34KW
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2L
• Fuel/Oil Mix Ratio: 30:1
• Engine Idle Speed: 2800RPM
• Engine Speed (Max): 8500RPM
• Engine Torque (Max): 2.3NM
• Gearbox Torque (Max): 69Nm
• Auger Speed: 0-280RPM
• Carburator: Diaphrame Type
• Ignition System: CDI

• Auger Material:
Tungsten Carbide Tipped
65Mn Carbon Steel Cutting Faces
Carbon Steel Twin Vanes

• Auger Safety Feature:
Shock Absorbing Safety Spring
• 51.7CC Power Head

• Auger Included:
Twin Vane 150mm x 800mm

•Fuel Mixing Bottle
•Assorted Spanners

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