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Pestiguard 100ml



Pestigard® Description

Pestigard is the first vaccine for the prevention of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV), otherwise known as Bovine Pestivirus in cattle in Australia.

Key Benefits

Pestigard is the only vaccine registered in Australia that prevents the highly contagious virus called pestivirus. This virus can damage herd reproduction rates and cause immunosuppression in recently infected cattle.

Approved Uses

For the active immunisation of cattle against BVDV and to reduce reproductive losses due to BVDV. For the prevention of nasal shedding of BVDV. The Zoetis Advantage BVDV is a widespread disease throughout Australian cattle herds causing significant productivity loss by affecting the reproductive performance of the herd or increasing susceptibility to other common diseases.
• The introduction of a Pestigard vaccination program will reduce reproductive loss caused by BVDV. Pestigard® will also stimulate active immunity against BVDV which will assist in the reduction of losses associated with the Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) complex and other clinical diseases where BVDV is implicated.
• A Pestigard vaccination program can be conveniently integrated into existing management practices. The Zoetis Advantage is unique.

Only Pestigard:
• Is registered in Australia to prevent pestivirus. There are no other registered vaccines.
• 100% prevents shedding of pestivirus to safeguard your heifers and cows reproductive potential
• May be given such that the interval between the priming and booster dose can be extended up to 6 months for added convenience, longevity and to easily fit in with farm management practices. However the 2nd dose must be administered 2-4 weeks prior to joining.

Dosage and Administration Pack sizes Dose – Cattle 2 mL 100 mL 50 Doses 250 mL 125 Doses
• The recommended dose for cattle of all ages is 2 mL.
• Two doses of Pestigard should be administered 4-6 weeks apart with annual boosters thereafter. However the 2nd dose must be administered 2-4 weeks prior to joining.

The first dose of Pestigard may be given up to 6 months before the second dose to suit management practices.
• Immunity does not develop until at least 14 days after the second dose.
• Safe for pregnant cows. Cattle Type 1st Dose Annual Booster Heifers 6-8 weeks pre-joining* 2-4 weeks pre-joining Cows 2-4 weeks pre-joining 1st Season/New Bulls 6-8 weeks pre-joining* 2-4 weeks pre-joining Bulls 2-4 weeks pre-joining Steers† 1st dose or annual boosters 4 weeks – 6 months after 1st dose* *The interval between the priming and booster can be extended to 6 months. †Ideally it is best to coincide steer vaccination with heifer vaccination.

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