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Tridectin Sheep Oral 1ltr



Powerup your drench program with a new class of combination drench

TRIDECTIN™ is a new class of combination drench for sheep including three powerful broad-spectrum actives:

  • Moxidectin;
  • Albendazole; and
  • Levamisole.

It is the only combination drench in Australia to include moxidectin, the most potent mectin.

To incorporate moxidectin in the drench, Tridectin utilises a patented micellar technology to improve stability and absorption. Meaning moxidectin stays stable for longer and is more efficacious than an on-farm mix of the same actives.

TRIDECTIN™ is the only broad-spectrum combination drench in the world to incorporate the following claims:

  • Kills triple resistant worms
  • Kills monepantel resistant worms
  • Kills moxidectin sensitive strains of barber's pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days.

With a wide safety profile, very low meat WHP (7 days) and ESI (17 days); Tridectin is fit for use on any enterprise to help sheep producers kill more worms, keep pastures cleaner for longer; and ultimately improve livestock productivity.

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