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Natural Animal Solutions Footrot 375 ml


Description: Natural Animal Solutions® FootRot is a revolutionary spray formula, developed to save time & labour.

Hoof rot is a common issue our horses suffer with which can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Traditional methods of treatment such as poltice, fillers, packing and soaking can be time consuming and ineffective.

Fortunately Natural Animal Solutions® FootRot offers a revolutionary spray formula which has been developed to save precious time and labour.

FootRot is a super strength, all-natural spray which is easy to apply and penetrates deep into the hoof to provide clinically proven hoof care support.

Key features:

* Promotes hoof health

* Penetrates deep into the hoof

* Fast acting, easy to apply spray

* No packing, soaking or sulfate fillers

* Suitable for horses, cattle, sheep and goats

SIZE: 375mL

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