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Mega Min Equine Enhancer 20Kg



Promotes overall health while also actively supporting hoof quality, coat condition and gut function.

MegaMin Equine Enhancer is a premium triple action
vitamin and mineral supplement suitable for all types of horses.

Scientifi cally developed for:

HOOVES & COAT - Fortifi ed with biotin (20mg per 100g dose), organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth.

GUT FUNCTION - Includes a prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and effi cient digestion.

HEALTH & VITALITY - Contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural broad spectrum minerals as well as key vitamins for overall health.

Promotes overall health while also actively supporting hoof quality, coat condition and gut function.

What makes Equine Enhancer so special?

Equine Enhancer is a revolutionary, triple action supplement that not only delivers the key hoof, skin and coat promoting ingredients of biotin, methionine and organic zinc, it also provides a prebiotic to assist the microfl ora of the hindgut to promote effi cient digestion. In addition to these specialised ingredients, Equine Enhancer supplies a broad range of vitamins and minerals including the powerful antioxidants selenium and vitamin E for overall health and vitality.

What makes Equine Enhancer different from other MegaMin supplements?

Equine Enhancer has been specially formulated in conjunction with a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist to meet the needs of horses with access to diets consisting largely of pasture and hay. MegaMin Equine Enhancer is suitable for horses and ponies in all disciplines.

Why are AgSolutions’ minerals so good?

MegaMin Equine Enhancer contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of naturally occurring earth and sea minerals derived from carefully selected ingredients to provide an exceptional array of broad spectrum minerals. Included are a host of important natural trace minerals such as chromium, boron and silica that are absent from many other supplements.

Available in 2.8kg pouch, 10kg and 20kg bucket.

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