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Kikuyu Easy Sow Super Cote 2 kg Shaker


Description: Supercote KIKUYU 2 Kg Shaker Pack.

Covers approx 100 Square Metres Sowing Rate: 1- 2 kg per 100 m sq. ( Higher seeding rate gives quicker total Kikuyu ground cover )
Seed & package details: Kikuyu Seed with Biostim Complex. 80% Min Germination, 98% purity. A seed testing Certificate is available upon request.
Ideal Usage: Lawns, Sports Fields, Fairways, Airports, Pastures, Caravan Parks. Kikuyu is very strong self repairing grass, with excellent traffic tolerance and drought resistance. Where can I sow this grass in Australia? Areas: AUSTRALIA WIDE Known for its hardiness and aggressive runners- Kikuyu is a popular choice for home-owners, sporting fields and larger areas like airports. The best time for sowing is late spring, to late summer, as long as your temperature is within the optimum temperatures of 18-29°C, you can expect germination. Unlike most Kikuyu, our seed will not go yellow after one frost in the winter. It will eventually go yellow after multiple frosts, however it has been shown to be resistant to colder weather in the winter.
Germination expectations: You will see fine kikuyu hairs within 10–21 days.

Shade tolerance: Fine
Daily Sunlight Required: 6+ hours
Drought tolerance: Excellent
Frost Resistance: Fine
Traffic Tolerance: Excellent

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