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How to Fix a Zipper with FixnZip®

Wondering how to fix a zipper with the FixnZip® Zipper Slider? Check out the links below to watch videos or read through step-by-step instructions with diagrams. Additional videos are available on our YouTube Channel. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page or contact us.

Fixing Open-End Zippers (Jackets, Sleeping Bags, etc.)
Open-End Zippers are most often found on jackets and sleeping bags. These zippers can be completely detached from one another and are incredibly simple to fix using the FixNZip® Replacement Zipper Slider.

Fixing Closed-End Zippers (Tents, Pants, Bags/Luggage, etc.)
Closed-End Zippers are most often found on tents, luggage/bags, or on your pants. These zippers remain connected at one end at all times, and can be particularly frustrating when broken. Using the FixNZip® Replacement Zipper Slider will get you back in working order in a flash.

Fixing Invisible/Watertight Zippers (Wetsuits, Athletic Wear, etc.)
Invisible zippers can be either open or closed-end zippers. If you have an invisible zipper, follow our guide to get started, and then finish up with the appropriate guide listed above.

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