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Wobble-Tee Sprinkler No. 1



What makes this sprinkler so water efficient?

When operated at pressures between 15 and 40 psi, the Wobble-Tee Sprinkler has a very low precipitation rate of 4mm per hour and unmatched evenness of distribution, with an average flow rate of 10 litres per minute.

The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler applies water in a consistently large droplet form, minimising evaporation losses and wind drift, ensuring the water reaches your lawn or garden and not evaporated into the atmosphere. Water is applied slowly and evenly, just like slow soaking rain, preventing puddling and wasteful run off.

Making the most of your water.

Watering for long periods of between 3 and 6 hours allows the soil to be soaked down to the root zone of the plant. Encouraging this type of deep watering will progressively strengthen the plant, which will then require watering less frequently.

In especially hot temperatures, water your lawn or garden at night, this reduces evaporation loss.


Removable end caps allow for additional hose connectors to be added to the sprinkler base for the operation of multiple sprinklers from just one tap. This allows you to water large areas simultaneously, and to cut down on the frequency that you need to shift your sprinklers.

Operating more than one sprinkler at the same time may require a larger diameter hose to supply the water volume required. To operate 3 sprinklers from one tap, you will need approximately 30 psi and 30 litres per minute volume. At pressures below 30 psi, we suggest the supply hose to the first sprinkler be a 19mm hose, and that the hoses to the subsequent sprinklers be 12mm.

The supply hose to the first sprinkler should not exceed 30m from the tap, this will avoid excessive pressure loss. If the distance from the tap to the first sprinkler exceeds 30m, consider using a 25mm diameter hose. Keep your hoses to any subsequent sprinklers to a maximum length of 12m to avoid pressure loss.

Performance Data

The following performance data was obtained from actual tests and not computer generated. These figures are equivalent to what you can expect to achieve in your own yard.

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