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iO Shotgun Oatbait Pindone 5kg



iO Shotgun is highly effective for the control of feral rabbits whilst posing lower risk to non targets. Active: 0.5g/kg Pindone Sodium Salt.

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Rabbits have been significant pests in Australia since they were released near Geelong, Victoria in 1860. Rabbits are one of Australia's most serious pest animals and typically:

destroy pasture, crops and plant communities impacting on agriculture and the environment;

cause soil erosion and associated sedimentation of waterways;

compete with native fauna for food and habitat; and

are well suited to Australian conditions and breed prolifically.


Before designing your rabbit control program, it is important to understand rabbit behaviour and characteristics.

Rabbits are territorial. Adventurous rabbits generally feed further from the warren; shy rabbits feed closer to the warren. Rabbits may not find (and therefore not eat) bait placed outside their feeding areas.

Rabbits are naturally wary of new things in their environment. Free-feeding is essential to encourage rabbits to feed on rabbit bait before the poison baits are applied.

Survival of young is substantially increased when rabbits have safe harbour, especially breeding burrows and warrens. The destruction of warrens is the key to achieving long-term rabbit control.

Identify rabbit feeding and activity areas in and around your property. Map these areas for future reference. Rabbits are often found around rocky outcrops, buildings, wood heaps, fence lines, waterways and weedy areas.

Assess the number of rabbits on your property. Conduct night time spotlight counts, map the location of warrens and rabbit activity. Use the information you have gained from monitoring to:

Target your control effort;

Monitor the progress and success of your control program; and

Vary and improve your program.

As well as using iO Shotgun as your bait when combating the rabbit population, also remember to destroy warrens and burrows around your property. Make it harder for those rabbits to survive that don't touch the bait.

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