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Pottie's White Ointment 350gm


Description: Active Ingredient Zinc Oxide 112g/kg Lanolin 62g/kg Castor Oil 187g/kg Pine Oil 6g/kg Uses.

An easily applied external soothing and protective dressing for superficial wounds. Its adhesive properties make it a particularly suitable dressing for minor wounds and scratches on horse’s legs. Can be used on cracked, chafed skin, and sunburn lesions. Zinc oxide imparts an emollient, mild antiseptic and anti-fungal action, especially to lower limb wounds. Zinc Oxide also has a UV Ultraviolet protective action against sunburn in pale unpigmented skin, and is especially of benefit on wounds on these areas. The ointment contains castor oil, pine oil and lanolin to prevent water loss from the wound and maintain the moisture balance within the injured, lacerated or grazed skin surface. When applied thickly, protects from invasive dirt and bacteria entering the wound. Mild and non-drying. Directions for Use Apply to affected area twice daily

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