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Recharge for dogs Virbac 500ml



Used as an aid in restoring fluid and electrolyte levels depleated by training, travelling, racing and hot weather. Aids rapid recovery from fatigue and dehydration.

Recharge provides rapid restoration of electrolytes as a isotonic “sports” drink for active dogs. The formulation is specifically matched to meet the electrolyte needs of dogs, which pant rather than sweat to cool.

Electrolytes are important body salts, required for nerve and muscle function. Body salts are lost during exercise, hot weather and other stressful conditions and if not replaced result in dehydration, muscle cramping & poor performance.

Recharge for Dogs also contains citrate salts as a buffering agent against lactic acid and glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes.

Used for:-

Exercising & working dogs
Racing greyhounds
Travelling dogs
Nursing bitches

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