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Sterimatic Starter Kit cptX



Sterimatic Starter Kit cptX
Sterimatic is a UK-invented and patented system that prevents
needle-stick injuries during vaccination jobs and reduces injection-site
infections and abscesses. The system also reduces the potential of
disease transmission from one animal to another. The Sterimatic system
comprises a retractable sleeve which is fitted over the vaccinator
needle and a disinfectant-impregnated quick-change Stericap which is
placed on the end of the sleeve. The sleeve covers the needle
completely, preventing accidental needle-stick injuries to the user.
Each time the vaccinator is used, the Sterimatic sleeve slides back
drawing the Stericap over the needle. In this way, the needle is
sanitised each time it is used. A new stericap should be fitted after
100 injections. Sterimatic will fit all popular models of vaccinator.
The Sterimatic Kit comprises one sleeve assembly plus five stericaps and
five needles. The needles are 1' x 18g (although in the Sterimatic the
needle is effectively '). The Stericaps 5-pack comprises five
disinfectant caps plus five needles.

*Does not fit NJ Phillips PAS1198

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