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Valueplus Equitex Medicated Dressing 44g



Animalintex – The Original and Still the Best

Animalintex is the original veterinary poultice and wound dressing, that has been used by countless customers for decades. It is made to a proven formula and manufactured in the UK in a facility that is authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), the UK authority that is responsible for enforcing the safety of veterinary medicinal products.

There are a number of poultices available on the market but only one is licensed by the VMD – Animalintex. This license is very important as the formulation and manufacture need to be strictly controlled as poultices have a pharmaceutical effect on the horse. Animalintex contains Boric Acid BP, an active ingredient which promotes effective healing.

Products having a pharmaceutical effect but not having a license are illegal, not to mention potentially dangerous for your horse. The control is rather like the control of drugs for people. Animalintex by Robinson Animal Healthcare is a well known, respected and trusted product which is licensed and is highly effective.

Unfortunately wounds sometimes become infected. If your horse has a large wound which is infected you should call a vet immediately, particularly if your horse is showing signs of distress. However, a wide range of conditions – including wounds – can be treated using Animalintex. It is ideal for the treatment of:

  • nfected wounds
  • Open wounds
  • Mud fever
  • Laminitis
  • Abscesses
  • Thrush
  • Seedy Toe
  • Sprains
  • Bruises

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Boric Acid Antiseptic Minimises infection and reinfection Promotes faster healing
    Tragacanth Natural poulticing agent, draws out dirt and infection and reduces inflammation Creates a moist, clean healing environment
    Low adherent wound facing Easy to apply and remove Dressings can be changed with minimum disruption to the wound
    Medicated cotton wool Absorbs pus and holds infected
    secretions away from the body
    Cleaner wound environment
    Cushioned protective layer Provides support and protection Safeguards against re-injury
    Polythene backing cover Keeps out external contamination and keeps in moisture and warmth Faster healing
    Economical to use Can be cut to size so there is no waste Cost effective
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