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White Oil All Seasons Kendon 5L


Description: All Seasons White Oil Pesticide

Description: For control of scale insects and certain other insects on citrus, shrubs, roses, ornamentals and for use as a spreader.
Area Treated: 20ml makes up 1L

Pests Controlled: Controls Scale, Aphids, Mites Mealy bugs, Citrus leaf miner, Red, White wax and other scale and spidermites.

Contains: Petroleum Oil Insecticide.

Where to use: Citrus: At intervals of 5-14 days when young flush growth is present. Avoid spraying citrus in late Autumn.
Indoor Plants & Ornamental Shrubs & Daphne: Spray when pest appear. Repeat after 4 Weeks.

When to use: DECIDUOUS FRUIT Apply in winter after pruning trees & roses and before bud burst or at other times when pests occur.

Use rate: Rates vary from 10ml - 20ml/Litre water.

Useful Tips: Can be used in conjuction with Bordeaux and Malathion if used at low oil strengths. Do not pick edible plants for 1 day after spraying.

Restrictions: Do not spray when shade temperature exceeds 30 degrees or higher.

Main Usage Period: Winter through to Autumn.

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White Oil All Seasons Kendon 1L

White Oil All Seasons Kendon 1L



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