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Equirope Black 500M x 6mm Amacron



EQUIROPE your premium, reliable electric fencing option, designed for safety.

The EQUIROPE is a 6mm premium electric rope, which is highly UV stable. It has 8 pure coated copper conductors threaded through it, these 8 copper conductors ensure good conductivity at all times with extremely low resistance for long distances.

IMPORTANT: Particularly in Australia and New Zealand the soil has low copper content meaning horses are often copper defficient. It is therefore extremely important to always keep your Equirope with the power turned ON while animals are enclosed or they can detect the copper in the Equirope and chew and damage the conductors as a result.

The coated conductors are designed to eliminate any bi-metalic reaction when recommended "gold series" connectors and joiners are used. EQUIROPE is lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect - permanent, tensionable and reliable electric equine fencing option. Note that the "Gold Seies: joiners and connectors are an upgrade on the past cast pewter joiners and connectors which will not affect product warranty. Galvanised connector are not sold by Amacron and will cause mid run damage of the conductors and must never be used with Amacron Solutions products containing copper conductors.

EQUIROPE can be tensioned without damaging the copper conductors, it is soft and flexible. EQUIROPE can be used as a stand alone fence or in conjunction with our Border Line or Plaswire. Available in White or Black.

Tensioning EQUIROPE is highly important for your animals safety, to prevent them getting tangled or tourniquet in the rope. We recommend 2% Tension.

To correctly work out this tension, take the distance you are fitting with equirope eg. 210m x 2% = 4.2m.

1: Pull the sag (and no more) out of the rope on the fence line.

2: Measure 2%, in this case 4.2m from your strainer post along the rope and mark it with some tape or permanent marker.

3: Using the Equirope strainer, pull the rope intill the 2% mark reaches the strainer post.

4: Take the rope around the roller post insulator (designed to hold the tension) and back onto itself and terminate ( or start a run) using the gold series joiner or connector. NOTE: joiners used for basic start or termination, however if electrical supply, jumper between strands, undergate wire or power supply wire is to be introduced the connector MUST be used and the incoming wire to be connected by tightening under the washer and wingnut.

5: Alway melt the ends of the Equirope with heat or a flame to prevent fraying.

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